Stages For Youth is now Fourthwall Youth Studios, a filmmaking and digital media program for youth in Junior High and High School. We are located at 1324A Main St. in the heart of Cincinnati’s resurgent OTR district.

At Fourthwall, we are a cast of creative artists, expert dreamers, legendary storytellers and tech wizards – you just don’t know us yet.
We are a Cast of Catalysts that will ensure you keep making it, until you make it. Whether you came to ignite your creative genius or to meet a few new friends, we will have an excellent journey together. Before you know it you will be on your way to realizing a dream and developing skills necessary to achieve it.
The 4th Wall is an imaginary boundary in the creative arts between the audience and the actors. Are you ready to break it?

So excited to be able to offer our SUMMER FILM CAMP again this year! Our first camp starts June 11th so apply now to reserve your spot.

We are also rolling out a number of other classes after school and during the summer including our Crew- For-Hire program where you could GET PAID to work on a client project.

Go to the CLASS SCHEDULE link above to view and register for any of our classes.

“Side Effects” wins the 2017 OINK Film Festival-Best Narrative

Congrats to Isabella Siska, Hassan El’Cheikh, Yahkira Yisrael and K. Riley Bachman for bringing home the bacon at the OINK Film Festival n December. Their film “Side Effects” won the Best Narrative category.

Fourthwall Youth Studios

We are thrilled to move into our new space on Main St. in OTR. We have creative huddle spaces, a conference/meeting area, edit suites, a pool out back, and 350 acres of locations in OTR to help our students make beautiful films. Please stop by. We’d love to show off our studio.

Summer Film Camps

Our award winning summer film camp is back. Camp is open to students in Junior High or High School (ages 13 and up). Students will make a short film from script through editing, take part in workshops along the way and get to meet and be mentored by professional filmmakers
Camp 1-June 11-June 22, 9-3, M-F
Camp 2-July 23-Aug 3, 9-3, M-F

See class schedule for more details and to register.


Coming soon…

Fourthwall Youth Studio participants will be immersed in an intensive, hands-on, professional style production. All equipment will be provided. We will mentor you through the production process and take you on field trips to companies where creativity is applied on a daily basis. You and your team will expected to complete a finished film, on time and on budget.

You will go through the following production process as you make your film as part of a team.

You will also develop skills you may not have but will need >>>


  • Film Critique
  • Story Development
  • Script Writing
  • Production Planning
  • Script Breakdown/Shot Blocking
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Field Trips
  • Premiere
  • Film Festival Submissions


Yo Parents! ART = 21st CENTURY SKILLS

SKILLS GAP: Percentage of employers who say graduates are is serious need of more preparation in these critical areas...

Working Effectively with Others in Teams — 63%
 Critical/Analytical Thinking — 74%
Being Innovative/Creative — 75%
Written Communication — 73%
Applying Knowledge/Skills To Real World — 77%
Working With People From Different Backgrounds — 82%
Analyzing/Solving Complex Problems — 76%
Organizing/Evaluating Information — 71%

Reel News

Falling Short...

Employers give graduates lower scores for preparedness across learning outcomes than current students gives themselves.

The Association For American Colleges and Universities.


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