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Fourthwall (formerly Stages for Youth) was started primarily to help young people who struggle in traditional education find an alternative path to success. We think they can find that success in filmmaking, digital media and tech. In fact, we know they can thrive in these fields…we have seen it…and want to better prepare them for a bright future in the creative economy and in life.

But many teens face other barriers to success including lack of mentorship, low income, learning disabilities, poor self esteem, and lack of critical 21st Century skills.Some are simply unaware of the opportunity that exists for them and how suited they are to it. As a result, the creative economy is under-represented with the under-represented.

Diversity in the Creative Economy

At Fourthwall 30% of our participants are minority, 40% are female, and 15% learning disabled. How does this compare to industry? See below. Be the change.

Major films directed by non white males — 18%
 Women in technical roles in film — 23%
 Minority writers in film, cable, TV — 12%
Non-white CMOs in Advertising — 9%
Women in leadership in Tech industry — 30%
Black and Latino in leadership in Tech industry — 7%
Women in technical roles in Tech industry — 27%


What is Crews-For-Hire? It is the next step in the learning and success process for our students. Many have excelled in our other courses and gained tangible skills in filmmaking and critical skills in 21st century learning. We want them to take the next step and start working on real projects for real clients and, in some small modest way, start the process of change.

And that’s where you come in. Do you have a video project you need completed? Are you willing to work with our students? Are you willing to be their client?

All of our crews are already experienced in the production process and some have produced multiple, award winning films. Here’s a summary of the processes we will teach our students which they will apply to your project.

  • How to plan and manage a meeting
  • Writing a creative brief
  • Defining and developing a client narrative
  • Creating and delivering a proposal
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Shooting/Production
  • Editing/Post Production
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Presenting the final deliverables
  • Evaluation


Will this cost you anything?

In a word…yes. But not much. Whatever you negotiate with your crew, you pay directly to your crew. Fourthwall will provide, at no charge…

  • the camera gear, tripods, slider, glider and Gimbal
  • lights
  • audio production equipment
  • We will also provide students with;

  • professional grade scriptwriting and scheduling software
  • editing workstations loaded with Creative Suite
  • Fourthwall will of course provide training, guidance and mentorship and also assign each student team with a Production Coordinator, typically a College Senior studying film or digital media. Basically everything you need to ensure successful completion of your project.

    What we would like is for you and our elite squadron of all star talent to negotiate a rate that works for you, which would be paid directly to the students. We can work out the technical details later but you get the picture. Just like the real world.

    Ready to give this a spin and effect some change in our community? Please contact Frank O’Farrell via email at or via phone at 513.314.1868.

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