The success of our young filmmakers would not be possible without the support of these great mentors. Collectively they have worked on a local, regional and national level applying their craft to numerous films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. They offer their time and their vast experience to guide each production team through every aspect of the filmmaking process.

Nichol Simmons, Writer

Greg Newberry, Writer/Director

Alex Foor, Writer/Actor

Tony Moorman, Writer/Director

Ico Abreu, Director

Tom Law, Producer

Jason Young, DP/Steadicam

Scott Thompson, Director/DP

Beth Fowler, DP/Director

Kevin Bray, DP

Melissa Godoy, Editor

Katie Sammons, Editor

Tanner Segbers, Staff: Production Coordinator

Aria Brice, Staff: Production Coordinator

Beth Dickerson, Staff: Production Coordinator

Lightborne Communications, Field Trip

779 Productions, Field Trip

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