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Short Film | “Mousetrap”

Mousetrap: A girl struggles to sleep after hearing ghost stories at a slumber party

Written, Produced and Directed by Molly (12), Murphy (12), Sarah (15), Aidan (16) and Liam  (16)at Stages For Youth.

  • A different, exterior only, script was developed and completed on Day #2
  • A quick weather check showed that rain was moving in. A back up idea was generated, just in case.
  • On Day #3, shoot day,  it started raining at crew call.  The back up idea was refined into a working script by 11:00 am on shoot day.
  • All footage was captured successfully by the end of Day #3
  • Logged footage on Adobe Premiere with the assistance of a Production Coordinator on Day #4
  • Film completed by 5:00 pm on Day #5
  • Premiered in Northside at a pop up theater.

Category: Short Film

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