Documentary | “I Am Urban Art”

Spoken word meets visual arts in this scenic exploration of Northside.

Written, Produced and Directed by Violet (13), Fatou (13), Owen (12), and Deya (16) at Stages For Youth

  • Developed the concept and wrote a poem
  • Scouted and chose locations to match footage with Spoken Word
  • Developed a production plan and schedule
  • Shoot footage with the assistance of a local professional DP
  • Logged footage on Adobe Premiere CS with the assistance of Production Coordinator
  • Edited the entire documentary
  • Chose music and created graphics in Photoshop
  • Total production time of 5 consecutive days
  • Presented their work at the premiere, a pop up outdoor theater in Northside.
  • “I Am Urban Art” was awarded Best Documentary and was screened at the 2014 Cincinnati Film festival to local and regional professional filmakers


Category: Documentary (Winner of 2014 Cincinnati Film Festival Screening)

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