Summer Film Camp

Our award winning Summer film camp is back and now accepting early bird registration!

Film Camp Overview

When you sign up (see below), please indicate your preferred session as well as your second preference, in case your first preference is full.

Summer Camp Sessions

Session #1: June 19th – June 30th, 2017
Session #2: July 10th – July 21st, 2017 (FULL – Waiting List Only)
Sessions #3: July 24th – August 4th, 2017 (Now open to non-SCPA Students. Cost $100)

Also, on the form please indicate if you would like more information on financial assistance. Check the box. We’ll do our best to make it work!

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-As a participating filmmaker, you will follow a professional style film production process.

-You will be assigned to a team.
-Each team will produce a 5 min short film in any genre (documentary, fiction, music video, etc)
-You will develop the idea, write the script, plan it, shoot it, edit it.
-Each team will have a designated production coordinator to help guide you through the process.
-Professional writers, producers and directors will come in to teach, coach and mentor you throughout the production process.
  • Generating ideas
  • Story Outlines
  • Scriptwriting
  • Pre-Production (location scouting, script breakdown, shot blocking)
  • Shooting (on location)
  • Editing
  • Graphics, animation, music needle drop
  • Public Premiere of your films
  • Film Festival Applications

Start at 9:00 AM
Finish at 3:00 PM

After care is available. Please contact us for details.
Day 1: Film critique & Creativity Workshop
Day 2: Storytelling Workshop & Scriptwriting
Day 3: Scriptwriting, Planning, Scouting, Script Breakdown
Day 4: Shooting Workshop & Shooting
Day 5: Shooting
Day 6: Shooting
Day 7: Fieldtrip & Editing Workshop
Day 8: Download Footage & Editing
Day 9: Editing
Day 10: Editing (finishing, graphics, music)

Thanks for your interest in our program. We are excited to teach your kids the craft of filmmaking and to help them produce and complete an amazing story. Our camp is fast paced and covers each aspect of filmmaking. Hopefully your son or daughter will find something here which allows them to express their unique, creative gift. But every participant, regardless of their learning style, will be exposed to important 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication, planning, thinking on their feet, and so much more. These skills are critical to their future success but are often under-developed in the traditional classroom. We are very much looking forward to having your son or daughter with us for two weeks and helping to bring their story to life!

Hello Future Filmmaker: Are you ready to make a movie? We promise you will have fun and learn a lot! All of our staff and volunteers are in the movie business in one way or another and will work with you as you make your short film. It will be a challenging 2 weeks, so get ready to be at your creative best. Some of our previous films have even won awards including screenings at major film festivals, invitations to the White House and the American Film Institute and college scholarship money. This is our Stages for Youth Wall of Fame. We’d like to add your name to it.

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