Supporters & Partners

No program could be successful without the passion and resources provided by its supporters. We are proud to say that over 85% of our funding goes directly to student programming. We are equally proud to list those whose in-kind support fills critical needs in the success of our students. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed their money, resources and time.

Warrington Foundation, George C. Fabe Foundation, Artswave

Kate and Tom Law, Martin Wilz, John F. Steele, Jenn and Chris Frutkin

Nancy Graeter, Naomi Gerwin, Pat and Don Hinkley, Patricia Conroy Curtis, Kristen Stratton, Elizabeth C.B. and Paul G. Sittenfeld, Katrina Fiebig

ACTORS (In-Kind)

OTR Improv
Kaldis Catering
Derek Bauman
Jack French
Alex Foor
Paige Solliday
Kevin Behm
Jenny French

Kelly Gregg
Tracy Jones
Dafyyd Jones
Jamal Anderson

A special thank you to Cincinnati City Council Members Yvette Simpson and PG Sittenfeld for their continued and unwavering support of our youth

And a thank you to the following supporting organizations.

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