What’s Your Story

We all have a story to tell. We have all lived different lives and experienced different things. The students at Fourthwall come from a variety of different backgrounds for a variety of different reasons. Some are doing well in school, others not so much. But everyone who comes here has one thing in common…they want to realize their dreams.

Maybe we can help. We believe that intelligence comes in many forms. Traditional grades are only one barometer for success. There are many other ways to show your stuff. In filmmaking alone there’s writing, producing, directing, shooting, audio, lighting, editing, graphics. Maybe you’ll find something in there you are good at and love.

If not, no sweat. Maybe you’d like animation, or design or VR or AI or coding. We’ll be rolling this out too. The point is we want you to be successful. We believe in you. We want to give the opportunity to explore, a try, and do, to be okay with a setback or two and to succeed. We want to bring out your inner wizard, give you the tools to make a dent in this world and make the everyone take notice of the earth’s recent wobble.

Get in contact with us. Let’s flip the script.

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